What’s Best In SEO Content Or Backlinks

What’s Best In SEO Content Or Backlinks

by ibuz6hhuret May 01, 2021

Content Is King” for better SEO. Always focus on unique and informative content. But still there are many mist-confusions regarding content and backlinks. Many believe that the backlinks are the best source to have higher page ranking, while some believe it’s content. So now I would like to share some of my ideas regarding who is the best for SEO. From my point of view, content will always be the king. While backlinks can be queen or bishops or jack etc. Only content cannot help you to gain higher ranking, so it has to backed up by other features like backlinks, keywords, headings and other features.

Content usually help you to gain higher ranking in Search Engine Result Page (SERP), while backlinks are generally used to gain higher page rank (PR). Let us come on SERP again. SERP can seen as the list of links or the results that the user gets whenever he types for anything in the search engine. It consist of 3 sections: The title, the description highlighting the places where the search query matched the content and third is the link to the content. And this is what is mattered to the web-masters.

Sometimes you may come across a site that has high PR, but still in SERP it ranks way back then the sites having lower PR. This is because of only one reason and that is a “Unique Content“. Thus you can now be sure that it is very much possible to rank high in search engines, without having higher page rank. Thus you can think SEO as a game of chess. Content is and will always be the king for better SEO, but it has to be protected by other players like backlinks, keywords, AdWords, various tags etc. Thus there has to be a proper and balanced combination of the various features available for SEO.

Backlinks are also strong contender to help the site rank high in the search engines, but it will just help to increase the PR of the site, to get in to search engine results one needs to come up with a very strong content. Thus we can end up with the conclusion that original, unique, informative, understandable content is the key to success for better SEO, while other features are also important in a way that they help to maintain the ranking and the SEO gained by the content. Thus still there can be many suggestions on the topic, which I leave further to the readers, so that they can post their views in the form of valuable comments on the blog post. Let’s have a heated and conclusive discussion on it

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