Attracted to visually appealing emails

Attracted to visually appealing emails

by ibuz6hhuret May 20, 2022

Did you ever stumble upon an interesting email while looking through your inbox? And then, look at the whole email and realize it’s a sales message. Yes, I have. Interactive emails are my favorite. They persuade and interest me enough to click the link to find out more. These emails are more engaging and catch users’ attention. They also engage the reader and offer greater results.

Email marketers must manage many tasks, including building an email list, segmenting it, setting up nurturing workflows, testing them and optimizing their performance. Marketers often lack creativity because they have to manage all the important aspects of email marketing. We have some email templates to help you get creative ideas for your next email.

Bridge & Burn

Email designers must consider how users use information online. They also need to place important information in a way that is easily noticed. A visual hierarchy organized clearly will encourage users to concentrate on key elements and direct them to their desired action.

The brand Bridge & Burn used the Z-pattern layout to create this email. This layout follows the path of the human eye as it reads, which is from top to bottom, left to right. The email’s simplicity and inclusion of individual CTA links is the highlight. The email’s ability to be read and understood by the reader increases engagement and conversion.


The brain interprets what it sees through color. Color tabs and labels are a great way to organize the content to make it easier for readers to skim the email. These color tabs can add a splash of color and a clean appearance to your email.

Apple’s Mother’s Day email uses several background colors to organize the different sections. The email looks attractive and well-organized, thanks to the pastel-colored boxes. The email’s visual appeal is enhanced by the vibrant colors used to section the content and the striking product images.


Email images support the text and allow you to highlight certain aspects of your message. They also help in drawing attention to your subscribers. Although images shouldn’t take up more than 25-50% of an email layout, it is possible to add attractive images to enhance your message and encourage subscribers to click.

The Vacasa vacation rental company has the following image. This email is about the must-see destinations for summer road trips. Each destination’s image supports the description and provides a better view of the area. The icons and illustrations add a holiday vibe, which increases the likelihood of people converting.


Email design is a key aspect that makes brands stand out. By highlighting specific content, fonts can help shift the attention of readers. For those important messages or statements, bold fonts are used. However, smaller fonts are often used for less important content.

Chipotle used multiple fonts in this email to highlight the different parts of its email copy. To emphasize the main message, it uses bolder and larger fonts. Despite being text-heavy, it uses bolder fonts and text colors to distinguish the most important parts of the email from the rest.


Illustrations in email design are a great way to add storytelling to your messages and present complex information in an understandable format. The use of symbols, diagrams, icons, and infographics can delight the reader and help convey the message quickly.

The email below is from Baggu. This email includes spot illustrations that explain how to clean the bags. The illustrations depicting the steps of washing the bag add life and texture to the email.

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